Giving and Supervising a Teacher Led Quiz

A Teacher Led Quiz is great for in-class student evaluation - it allows real time supervision and manual question advancement.

Giving a Teacher Led Quiz

Tip 1: Check our guide on How to Create a Quiz if you need help getting started!

Tip 2: You can add students to your roster yourself or give your Quiz code to any student - they can simply log into their Kandoolu account and join your Quiz. Once they join, they are automatically added to your roster.

1. You can give a Quiz immediately after having created a new one; or later, by finding your desired Quiz; in the Quizzes section of your Dashboard and clicking Give Quiz.

2. Click Teacher Led.

3. Assign your Quiz to student groups and/or individual students. This is optional - If you do not want to assign your Quiz to anyone, simply proceed to step 4 to go directly to the Quiz Room. Here is how you can create student groups.

4. Press Go to Quiz Room to receive an access code that you can use to invite additional students to take this Quiz!

5. Copy the Access Code and give it to additional students who should join your Quiz.

6. Click Start Quiz to begin sending questions to your students.

Supervising a Teacher Led Quiz

Once you start your Quiz, Kandoolu will present the first question to you and your students. At the same time, you will immediately have access to real time quiz progress and tools.

While the Quiz progresses, you can:

1. Switch to the Teacher View Kandoolu defaults to a Classroom View which is particularly useful when projecting this screen in front of the classroom. This way, students do not see other students' names and scores projected. Switching to the Teacher View will show live answers coming in from students (with their names), as well as the correct answer and rationales for each incorrect answer. Teachers can log into Kandoolu multiple times across different devices, so they could choose to project the Class View from a classroom computer, while monitoring the Teacher View from a tablet or their phone. At any time, the teacher can switch between the views by clicking the link located at the top of the screen.

2. See Quiz Progress at a glance, on the Progress bar found at the top right.

3. Proceed to the next question. The Quiz will progress for all students, regardless of whether they have answered the current question or not. Questions do not progress automatically if students provide an answer. Students need to wait until the teacher advances the question manually.

4. View the real time answer that each student provides to the current question.

5. View how many students have answered your current question out of the total.

6. View the percentage of correct answers provided to the current question.

7. Lock or unlock answers - Once answers are locked, students will not be able to change their choices. This is particularly useful right before proceeding to the next question.

8. Report an issue concerning the current question.

9. View the rationales behind each incorrect answer.

Go through this process for each question until the Quiz is completed.

Press End Quiz to view its results right away.

Converting a Teacher Led Quiz to Self-Guided

At any point in a teacher led quiz, you can choose to finish it as a self- guided one. Simply click the Finish as Self-Guided. The quiz will then convert to a self-guided quiz and students will be able to finish it at their own pace.