Creating a New Quiz

A Quiz is an easy, comprehensive way to gain insight into student understanding and performance. With Kandoolu, a variety of Quiz questions have been created by teachers, for teachers, to help deliver personalized learning to each student, inside or outside of the classroom.

There are two types of Quizzes you can create: Self-guided or Teacher-led. In a self-guided Quiz, students work at their own pace. In a Teacher-led Quiz, the teacher advances the questions manually. For take home Quizzes, we recommend using the self-guided option.

To create a new Quiz with Kandoolu, Sign In to your Kandoolu account if you haven’t already; then simply follow the steps below.

Create a Quiz

1. From your Kandoolu Dashboard on the left-hand side, go to Quizzes.

2. Click the Create a New Quiz button.

3. In the Start section, configure the basics of your Quiz.

a. Choose what the Quiz will cover: Choose the course and grade from the drop down boxes (Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry and 1st through 8th).

b. Select a category that the quiz will be for - The reporting categories are specific to the subject you have initially selected. After making your selection, click the Next button to move to the next section.

c. Choose a focus area - This narrows the quiz down to the specific notions you want to focus on. You can select multiple focuses. After making your selection (s), click the Next button to move to the next section.

d. Add a skill - Skills represent what students should demonstrate and are again specific to the subject that has initially been selected, Click a skill or skills to select it/them! After making your selection (s), click the Next button to move to the next section.

e. Name your Quiz - Kandoolu will suggest a name, but you can easily enter your own. Students will be able to see the name of your Quiz. Click Choose Questions to continue.

4. Flip through the deck to see all the questions you can choose from.

a. Each skill that you previously selected will be represented above the deck, you can flip through the skills using the small arrows.

b. You will also see a title card for each skill which tells how many questions there are for each.

c. Click on the large arrows to flip through the deck and look at questions.

5. Browse questions and click Add It when you would like to add a specific question to your Quiz. Note the counter will go up next to "Save & Review Quiz", this represents the number of questions on your quiz. Once the question has been added, the deck header turns green and you can see an option to Remove It if needed. Tip: Have a look underneath the question for information on its difficulty and DOK level.

*Note- questions you have already used on quizzes will be marked at the bottom of the screen as shown below. The reminder reads “You’ve used this question _ times” and it will state the number of times you have used it in the past. Click the link to see which quizzes contain that question. So if you are unsure of if you used a question, be sure to check the bottom of the screen when adding and selecting questions to use.

6. Click Save & Review Quiz when you are ready.

Choosing Resources to Automatically be Sent Upon Quiz Completion

1. Choose whether you would like to automatically send resources to your students after they complete the Quiz. These resources will be sent automatically based on each student's score on the quiz. They will be sent to students AFTER they finish the Quiz. Click "Yes, Please" if you would like to approve resources to be sent.

Tip- If you skip this step, we will still recommend resources for each student who completes the quiz. These recommendations will appear on your Recommended Resources page where you can review them before deciding if they should be sent to your students.

2. Selecting Resources- After clicking "Yes, Please" you will be taken to the resource selection screen.

Tip- Resources are shown in order with our most targeted recommendations first. There are three ability levels to choose resources for: below, at and above grade level.

a. Flip through the resource deck using the left/right arrows.

b. Add more resources using the Add It link in the top right corner of the resource, the card header will turn green. As you add resources you will see the counter go up (the counter is located next to the resource category name).

c. Remove resources from the deck by clicking the Remove It link, the card header will turn blue again and the resource counter will go down.

d. When selecting resources, you can click Show Description to get a pop up with details about the resource along with the link to visit the resource.

If you have trouble with a resource while trying to view it, you can report it by clicking Report an Issue at the bottom of the resource. You can then share the issue you are encountering and it will be sent to our team.

Once you are all finished selecting your resources, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Use These Resources.

Tip- You can change the resources that you assign to this quiz at any point. See our guide on Editing a Quiz You've Created.

Reviewing your Quiz

On the screen after choosing your resources, scroll down to review your Quiz. Here, you can:

a. Change the order of your questions using the up/down arrow controls, found in the top left side corner of each question deck.

b. Remove questions using the “x” control at the top right of each question.