Sync Your EdInsight Roster

Link your Kandoolu Account to your EdInsight Account.

To link your Kandoolu account to your EdInsight account, first log in to your Kandoolu account as you normally would. Next locate your name at the top of the page. Then, click My Account under the Dropdown Box.

Link to Your District's EdInsight

Scroll to the Bottom of the Page and locate the link that says Link next to the EdInsight logo. Click on it.

You will then be prompted to enter the URL you use for EdInsight. Enter it and click Link.

Once you have allowed Kandoolu to link to EdInsight , you will see this message confirming that the accounts are linked. You can click OK to close this window.

Sync Your EdInsight Roster with Kandoolu

Once you have linked EdInsight, you can then sync your rosters- bringing your EdInsight roster into Kandoolu. Do this by simply clicking Sync with EdInsight on the My Account page.

You will then have to sign in to the EdInsight URL you are taken to.

Then you will be taken back to Kandoolu where you will wait for the syncing to finish.

Once it is finished, you will see a success message, click OK.

Then head over to the Roster Approvals page to approve your students. See our guide on Roster Approvals for help with that page .

Note: If you have students in EdInsight who do not have Kandoolu accounts, this sync process will create accounts for them. You can view their account credentials under the All Students side menu option, you can then provide the student with their username and password or change their credentials for them in their profile. See how to edit a students info in our guide on Creating and Editing Student Accounts.