Using the Scratchpad

The Scratchpad is a feature that lets you write or draw anything on your screen when taking a quiz. While you answer your Quiz questions, think of it as a piece of scratch paper that you might scribble on from time to time. Especially when you’re taking a math quiz, you know how handy that is.

Anything you add to the Scratchpad is saved throughout your Quiz. Therefore, if you exit, you will be able to go back and review, as long as your current question is active.

How to Use It

When you click the Toolbox underneath the answer options, your mouse cursor will turn into a pen and you can draw over your screen with it right away.

Available Tools

  1. The drawing area - The white or transparent area on top of your tools is your drawing area. Here is where you can draw, write and erase.
  2. You can click the open toolbox to close the scratchpad.
  3. Color Options - Clicking a color will change the color of the pen and text.
  4. Pen - Your mouse cursor turns into a pen you can draw with. Click and drag on the drawing area to trace lines and draw anything you need.
  5. Text - Click the Text button then click anywhere on your drawing area to insert text. Type in the box then click Insert or hit Enter, to add your text.
  6. Shapes tool - Use this to draw a straight line, circle, square/rectangle, or triangle.
  7. Eraser - Click the Eraser button to turn your mouse cursor into an eraser. Go over anything that you want to erase from the drawing area.
  8. Background - Click this to make your background either white or transparent. With a transparent scratchpad drawing area, you will still see your Quiz questions and you can draw over them. When you exit the Scratchpad, it will all go away.
  9. Clear - Click this button only if you are sure that you want to clear your entire drawing area.