Taking a Quiz

Browsing Questions

You can only browse questions in a Self-Guided Quiz. This is not available in a Teacher-Led Quiz - Your Teacher is the only one who can go to the next question.

To go to the Next Question, click the Next Question button, underneath the answer options. To go to the Previous Question, click Previous Question.

Viewing Your Progress

You can easily view your Quiz Progress by looking at the Progress bar on the right, on top of your questions.

The orange part of the bar represents the progress you’ve already made. The white part represents what you have left.

To the right of the Progress bar, you can also see the number of questions you have already answered and the total number of questions included in the Quiz.

Ending your Quiz and Reviewing Answers

When you have finished answering all of the questions on a Self-Guided quiz, simply click the End Quiz button. In a Teacher-Led Quiz, your Teacher will end the Quiz and you will not have a chance to review answers.

If you are taking a Self-Guided quiz you will be shown an answer review screen. If you have unanswered questions, a message will pop up (A). Those unanswered questions will be highlighted orange (C) and you can submit an answer by pressing Answer This Question (D).

You can also change any answer by pressing Change My Answer (B).

Click the Submit Quiz button at the top of the screen when finished to complete your quiz!