Accessing Quiz Results

Accessing Quiz Results

You can easily access Quiz results, right after ending a Quiz (your results are automatically displayed - Start with step 3 if you have just ended a Quiz) or later:

1. In your Kandoolu Dashboard, select Results, then find the Quiz you’d like to see results for and click View Results. The Quiz needs to be ended in order for the final results to be displayed.

2. Note the Class Snapshot that displays:

a. The class average score.

b. The strongest questions - Those to which the highest number of correct answers have been provided.

c. The weakest questions - Those to which the highest number of incorrect answers have been provided.

d. The question scores - These are average scores, calculated per question.

3. View Results by Student Group

a. Click the All Students drop-down box.

b. Select the group’s results you would like to see. Below is an example of the results for a student group named Math Grade 3 Period 4.

c. You can now view results by either question or student within your selected group.

4. View results breakdown by question

a. Click the Questions tab underneath the Class Snapshot.

b. In the list of questions, click the arrow next to the score to expand the question.

c. To the right of each answer, Kandoolu lists the number of students who have provided it. Click the link to see which ones.

5. View results breakdown by student

a. Click the Student tab underneath the Class Snapshot.

b. Use the "Sort by" drop-box to organize your student list by student name or score.

c. Note the student names, scores and score level. The below, at, and above grade level icons indicate the student's’ understanding of the topic they were quizzed on.

6. Click the student name to view their full individual Quiz. Here is where you can see which questions the student answered correctly and incorrectly; as well as find feedback on the student’s understanding concerning the topic at hand. Click the arrow to the right of the question number to see the feedback. Below is an example of a Geometry Quiz to which the student scored 40%.

7. Export results to CSV - Simply press Export These Results to CSV on the Class Snapshot page to download a .csv file containing your Quiz results.

Deleting a Student's Quiz Results

1. Access the Quiz Results as instructed above and follow Steps 1 and 4 to find results by Student. Locate the name of the student that you would like to delete quiz results for. Click the Delete Icon on the right side of the page next to the student’s name (trash can icon).

2. Once you click the Delete Icon, you will be prompted with a confirmation message, asking you to confirm that you want to delete. Click "Yes."

3. Finally, you will see a message that confirms that you have just deleted a student’s test result. Click "OK" to close this message.