Connecting with Teachers

In order for you to take Quizzes and receive Resources from your Teachers, you first need to be linked with them within Kandoolu.

  1. Access the list of Teachers to whom you’re already connected by going to the Teachers section in the side Dashboard.
  2. Browse through your list of Teachers. As you connect with more and more teachers, you might need to scroll down this list to see all of them.
  3. Connect with new Teachers, using the Join another teacher’s roster! box at the bottom. Ask your Teacher for their Kandoolu linking code and enter it here. Click Join now! and you’re done! The teacher will now appear in your list above and will be able to send you Quizzes and Resources.

Tip: If you have trouble accessing your Kandoolu account and you are not connected with a Teacher who is about to give you a Quiz, you can join their roster using your username and their linking code.